Monday, December 13, 2010

Manga Monday: The transitive nature of friendship...for kitties

Note:  Chi’s Sweet Home Vol. 3 is, of course, the sequel to Chi’s Sweet Home Vol. 2.  The review of Chi's Sweet Home Volume 1 is here, and the review for Chi's Sweet Home Volume 2 is here.  Otherwise read on!

Sometimes, when you get a manga, you aren't sure what you'll get.  Some books take what seems like a complex topic and turn it into fluff, while others end up surprising deep with a simple subject matter, such as a kitten's life with her family.  We certainly find the latter in all off Chi's Sweet Home, but especially in volume 3.

Chi is getting herself into more and more trouble in this volume.  Bear Cat might be teaching her how to be a cat, but he's also showing her some bad habits.  Wandering around outside isn't so bad, but when it gets to sneaking into other peoples' apartments and stealing food, that's going to draw just a tad too much attention from the landlady in this no-pets-allowed building.

We also get to add a few more characters to the cast.  We meet Youhei's very enthusiastic cousin from the country.  Unfortunately, so does Chi, and she rather doesn't like her new kind of 'play.'

This volume turns a bit more contemplative towards the end, as we are reminded how transitory childhood friendships can be.  Chi's pretty young still, and maybe doesn't really understand what it is for someone to leave, but when everything looks its bleakest, we see a ray of hope as well.

Chi's Sweet Home Vol. 3 may not necessitate a box of tissues, but a few sniffles might appear through some of the stories.  And it looks like we might be meeting a whole bunch of new friends coming up in Volume 4.

Highs:  A very well thought out, fairly emotional plot thread throughout the chapters

Lows:  A few of the more heartwarming moments are cut short due to the episodic format

Verdict:  Certainly enough to make anyone smile

Further Reading:  Chi's Sweet Home Vol. 4, Maison Ikkoku Vol. 1

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