Monday, February 21, 2011

Manga Monday: So...what gets marker of skin again?

Note:  Yotsuba&! Volume 2 is, of course, the sequel to Yotsuba&! Volume 1.  The review of Yotsuba&! Volume 1 is here.  Otherwise, read on!

So, now that Yotsuba has mastered polite speech and come to terms with global warming, what else in store for our four-leaf-clover girl? Well, one of the lessons we learn in Yotsuba&! Volume 2 is that it's never a good idea to be too honest about a little girl's artistic ability.

Of course, we're still seeing the world through the eyes of a five year old. For a kid, a surprise trip to the bakery for whatever piece of cake she might want is fantastic. It's easy to forget how important little things like that can be for a kid, but we get to see how special it is.

There's a little more of Jumbo pining after Asagi, which is a rather silly, and a little bit more aggravating than funny. Thankfully, in the realm of anime fanservice, this level of fawning doesn't even register. In fact, even with a trip to the pool in this volume, the book manages to stay G-rated.

Yotsuba&! Volume 2 is mainly more of what we saw in Volume 1. There's not terribly much in the way of a storyline tying the volumes together, or even each story to the one before it. Rather, it's simply a day-by-day snapshot of what happens in a young girl's life and the lives of the people around her. Great literature it's not, but it's a simple diversion from the much more mundane world of adulthood.

Highs: Yotsuba's response to mafia movies

Lows: Asagi really shouldn't steal people's strawberries

Verdict: More of the same fun found in Volume 1

Further Reading: Honey and Clover, Bunny Drop

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