Monday, June 3, 2013

Manga Monday: I really don't remember so many kids dying when I was young

In traditional Rumiko Takahashi fashion, jealousy abounds in Rin-ne Volume 5.

Note: Rin-Ne Volume 5 is, of course, the sequel to Rin-Ne Volume 4.  The review of Rin-Ne Volume 1 is here, and the review of Rin-Ne Volume 4 is here.  Otherwise, read on!

Well, the beautiful shinigami Ageha is still around, and causing all sorts of problems for poor Rinne. Even when she's trying to be sweet, she packs his lunch in a haunted jubako box and nearly gets Rinne's soul stolen!

After all that gets straightened out, someone from the library leaves an offering for Rinne. Two of the movable shelving units have been stuck shut, and people have been getting hurt trying to open them. Rumor is, there's some sort of curse holding them together, and they'd like it to be taken care of. As Rinne investigates the shelves, Ageha finds the ghost of a girl on the street, who can't move on because she's forgotten something that she needs to do. Could these be connected somehow?

Recently, the track team has gotten awfully clumsy. It started with Shu Kazami slipping on the too-cliched-to-be-true banana peel, and ever since then, Riku Hayata has been plagued with constant tripping. But since Kazami is still up and about on his crutches, could it really be his spirit tripping Hayata?

Finally, Tsubasa Jumonji asks Sakura to dig up a power stone from the base of a tree at their elementary school. While there, a yo-yo-wielding ghost from Sakura's past appears and attacks, but hesitates when Sakura calls him out by name. Is there some sort of connection between this lost spirit and Sakura herself?

Now that the Damashigami arc is over, we're back to the two-chapter 'monster of the week' stories. While these aren't bad, necessarily, it tends to leave the reader wishing there was a bit more story to sink her teeth into. Nevertheless, Rin-Ne Volume 5 is full of the same antics that has made this series such a pleasure.

Highs: Hehehe talking octopus hot dogs...

Lows: I do enjoy the longer arcs much more than these shorter stories

Verdict: More of the same ghost-busting stories, but in a good way

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