Monday, December 9, 2013

Manga Monday: Let the wedding celebrations begin!

Laila and Leily finally begin their journeys with their new husbands in A Bride's Story Volume 5.

Note: A Bride's Story Volume 5 is part of an ongoing series. Check out the review for Volume 1 here, and Volume 4 here.  Otherwise, read on!

It's the big day, and Laila and Leily's village is going all-out for their girls. In fact, there's so much attention being paid to them that they're having to be on their best behavior. As the ceremony drags on, and the smells of the feast waft to where they are seated, their inner rebels start to come to the front. Are they really going to run off while in plain sight?

The day isn't exactly simple for Sami and Sarm, either. Their marriages herald in their lives as husbands and fathers, with all of the responsibilities that come along with it. Luckily, they do truly care for their new wives, and are willing to do whatever they must to keep them happy. Even if it means sneaking the best treats to them.

We've been gone for awhile, so it's time to check back in with our original couple. Amir and Karluk are still happily together, and even though Karluk is still young he's still doing his best to be a good husband. While the village that they live in has its share of strong women, Karluk gets to be the strong one to help protect Amir from heartache.

Every time I get to read one of Mori's manga, I'm amazed again at the detail of her art, and the depth of emotion she can convey with just a glance. The attention to detail that she puts into even the most common background embroidery is second to none. This is one series that is absolutely worth the year-long wait between volumes.

Highs: It's wonderful to see these young people start out their lives together.

Lows: Mr. Smith's reaction to the butchering for the feast seems a bit extreme for a Victorian-era anthropologist.

Verdict: As always, one of the best manga of the year.

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