Monday, June 23, 2014

Manga Monday: Yotsuba's on TV! She must be famous!

Between running a house, going to the park and entertaining Jumbo, it's no wonder Yotsuba's worn out in Yotsuba&! Volume 10.

Note: Yotsuba&! Volume 10 is part of an ongoing series. Check out the review of Volume 1 here, and Volume 9 here. Otherwise, read on!

Reading her book Lammy and the Pancakes has given Yotsuba inspiration: let's make pancakes! It turns out that pancakes are a lot harder than they look, though, and even after Koiwai makes a perfect one, Yotsuba's turn out...a bit odd. And to make matters worse, an old rival shows up! Will Yotsuba succeed in her breakfast-making endeavors?

With all the adventures they've been going on, maybe it's time Koiwai finally got himself a camera. That means a trip to the electronics store. Along the way, Fuka ends up inviting herself along, and it's a good thing she does, too. There's so much to see at an electronics store! After an unfortunate incident with the electric shavers, Fuka and Yotsuba explore the store on their own. But an unexpected nap results in Yotsuba wandering off all by herself. Where could she have gone?

Yotsuba knows better than to play ball in the house, but the exercise ball that she's borrowed from Asagi is just so much fun! Bounce bounce...CRASH! Now there's broken dishes on the floor, and an angry Koiwai. But Yotsuba's tale of a rogue ball flying through the window, propelled by a magician with a hat...doesn't quite add up. How is Koiwai going to get the 'lying bug' out of Yotsuba?

One day at a time, Azuma lets us see into the lives of a group of wonderful people. The joy that Yotsuba takes in the most mundane things makes the reader smile along with her, and even when she has to learn hard lessons they're handled with love. Yotsuba&! reminds the reader that there is still wonder in the world, if one takes the time to see it.

Highs: Poor Jumbo will never get the girl...

Lows: Yotsuba and Fuka's adventures at the electronics store stretches belief just a bit.

Verdict: Such finely crafted slice-of-life never gets stale.

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