Monday, September 29, 2014

Manga Monday: When Abnormals fight, experience matters

The Survey Corps continues its campaign in the woods in Attack on Titan Volume 7.

Note: Attack on Titan Volume 7 is part of an ongoing series. Check out the review for Volume 1 here, and Volume 6 here.  Otherwise, read on!

The Survey Corps has immobilized the Female Titan, but that's only part of the battle. So little research has been done on Titans, and nearly none on Abnormals, so they hardly have any idea how to proceed from here. As they attack the back of her neck, her hands harden to reflect their blades. And as Hange describes aloud what they will do to get at the person inhabiting this Abnormal Titan's body, the Female Titan lets out the most horrible scream. Death rattle, or something more sinister?

In the end, Eren makes the choice to take on his Titan form. The battle looks like it's all but lost, and he can't bear the idea of losing even more of his comrades. Here, though, he's just another Abnormal. One who is extremely new at controlling his powers, and has never had to fight another being as clever as he. Will his sacrifice be worth it?

As always, Isayama manages to keep the story fresh, with new plot twists and terrible situations coming as fast as the reader adapts to the last one. It's a testament to the skill of the author that none of the twists feel overdone, or hard to follow, or tiresome. As long as the series keeps up the fantastic quality, there will be a huge following for this popular title.

Highs: As the reader learns more about Titan behavior, the situation seems even bleaker than before.

Lows: Eren needs to get over the idea that Mikasa has saved him a few times. It goes both ways.

Verdict: Attack on Titan keeps its freshness, and its horrors, as the series progresses and matures.

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