Monday, May 4, 2015

Manga Monday: More shogi?

Seki is still at it, and Yokoi keeps being dragged along, in My Neighbor Seki Volume 2.

Note: My Neighbor Seki Volume 2 is part of an ongoing series. Check out the review of Volume 1 here. Otherwise, read on!

In 17th period, a disaster happens. Teacher hasn't made enough handouts for the entire class, so Seki and Yokoi must push their desks together and share a single piece of paper. And with their desks touching, Seki can't reach into his schoolbag to get out Will he finally have to pay attention to what's happening in class?

21st period brings a day trip to forest school. The class is hiking up a mountain to an observation deck in groups, and of course Seki and Yokoi are in the same group. It seems as though Seki's been here before, though, and left some rather embarrassing landmarks behind. Will Yokoi join in with the rest of the class at making fun of the juvenile drawings and signs, or will she try to save Seki's dignity?

26th period is a CPR class by the pool, but of course Seki can't simply focus on something as important as this. So while he's goofing off, his robot companions will practice their life-saving skills. But it's dangerous for little ones like the robot son to be left unattended by a pool. Who will make sure he gets home okay?

Takuma Morishige does an amazing job making sure that none of Seki's antics feel tired or overdone. Perhaps it's Seki's earnestness, and Yokoi's as well, that keep the series fresh story after story. However it's done, My Neighbor Seki is just and fresh and as funny as when it started.

Highs: It's amazing how romance rumors start around a school

Lows: It's just odd how even Maeda hasn't noticed what's going on...

Verdict: Still on e of the funniest manga being published in English

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