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Manga Monday: Golden and silver osmanthus trees

Note:  Bunny Drop Volume 3 is, of course, the sequel to Bunny Drop Volume 2.  The review of Bunny Drop Volume 1 is here, and the review of Bunny Drop Volume 2 is here.  Otherwise, read on!

Time moves quickly, especially when there's children involved. It seems like Rin just came into Daikichi's life, but now she's graduated from kindergarten and about to start elementary school in Bunny Drop Volume 3.

Daikichi's certainly been having some problems as of late. Between predatory females in the office who see him as a source of designer handbags and the fact that his paycheck and bonus have gone down considerably since Rin arrived, he's starting to wonder whether his old life is gone forever. He doesn't belong with the younger crowd who go out drinking every night, and yet he doesn't have a wife to go home to for some adult company like many of his coworkers do, either. Perhaps that's why it's so nice to see Kouki and his mother Nitani come over for dinner one night. As Rin helps cook in the kitchen with Nitani and Daikichi plays with Kouki, for an evening they look like any traditional, happy family.

Rin's life is getting more complicated, too. She's started elementary school, which is a much bigger deal that kindergarten. There's nightly reading homework, as well as learning to walk to school with Kouki and no supervision. While she's flourishing, however, it seems like Kouki isn't doing as well. A rather 'spirited' boy, he never seems to mean any harm, but he's not nearly as mature as Rin is. He has a bit of a harder time holding still and tends to get picked on or get into fights, but Rin does her best to back him up and keep him on track.

Also in the summer is the Obon festival. This is where families gather to tend the graves of relatives who have passed on and to pay their respects and leave small offerings. When Rin and Daikichi go to visit Grandpa's grave, they find an offering that implies that a certain female from the past had been there, and Daikichi manages to find her and talk to her again.

In the end, Bunny Drop 3 is more of the slice-of-life story that we've seen in the last two volumes. We get to see all the characters mature into their roles, and learn what love and family can be. Life always goes on, and perhaps as one character comes out of the woodwork more, she'll learn everything that she gave up.

Highs: Rin, thinking that cereal and dog kibble are the same thing

Lows: It's a bit stereotypical to have the boy raised by a single mother the troublemaker, even though it might be a common misfortune

Verdict: Still a very special series about people making the best out of their lives

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