Monday, May 2, 2011

Manga Monday: The victim of another cursed black spring arrives!

It’s a good thing that Ranma and Akane is a student of the Anything Goes Martial arts school. Otherwise, they might have a problem with all the different martial arts types he’s been challenged with. Most martial artists would probably have problems when confronted with rhythmic gymnastics martial arts or ice skating wrestling, but Ranma and Akane, and even Ryoga seem to adopt very well.  And this is the very place we rejoin Ranma Satome in Ranma 1/2 Volume 2.

We also get to learn a bit more about Ryoga’s backstory. It makes some sort of perverted sense that one of the few times Ryoga manages to arrive at the same location a Ranma was at the cursed spring training grounds while Ranma and his father were training. Ranma ran into Ryoga, knocking him into the cursed Spring of Drowned Black Piglet! Of course Ranma, the rather oblivious guy he is, doesn't remember this happening.

Unfortunately, Akane herself doesn't realize that the adorable P-chan she’s found is the same as Ryoga. Perhaps she’d be less cuddily and kissy on him if she know. But guys look after guys, and Ranma’s not going to tell Akane that the creature she’s sleeping with is actually a teenage boy.

Beyond the martial arts action, though, it still is a High School comedy. They may not actually be at school terribly much, but they do occasionally hang out at the mall and do other, mundane teenage things.

More action than the first volume as well as developing characters makes Ranma ½ Volume 2 a fun read and a great continuation to the series.

Highs: Watching Ryoga realize who that girl and panda were who knocked him into the Spring of Drowned Black Pig

Lows: How can such an accomplished martial artist as Akane be so clumsy as a gymnast?

Verdict: A solid second volume to the series

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