Monday, December 24, 2012

Manga Monday: Sometimes when you dig up the past, you're surprised with what you find

Rin starts to get curious about her past, and launches a plan to find out about her origins in Bunny Drop Volume 7.

Note:  Bunny Drop Volume 7 is, of course, the sequel to Bunny Drop Volume 6. The review of Bunny Drop Volume 1 is here, and the review of Bunny Drop Volume 6 is here. Otherwise, read on!

It seems that Rin has been thinking quite a lot about family recently. When Daikichi throws put his back, she takes it upon herself to take care of him. It bothers Daikichi to be taken care of by a girl, though, especially when Rin tells his mother about the incident, but it bothers Rin even more to think of someone else taking care of him.

Later, Rin and Kouki end up talking about their absent parents. Kouki has no desire to find his father, since he make his decision to abandon his family years ago. Rin, however, really feels like she's missing out on something y never knowing what a 'mother' really is, and ends up pulling her family records to find out her birth mother's name. Will Rin be satisfied with what she finds, and what have the last 10 years brought for the irresponsible Manga artist?

In many ways, this isn't the story we started with. Rin has created something of a life of her own, and Daikichi has pretty much given in to this modified bachelorhood he's found himself in. At it's heart, though, the most important ideas have remained the same. People are still trying to do their best, and are redefining what a family is. Relationships may come and go, but the ties of family and true friendship are enough to last through whatever life throws at them.

Highs: It's neat to see Daikichi's old coworkers again when they come to check up on him.

Lows: It's still hard to tell what Kouki's intentions are, if he even knows himself.

Verdict: While it's not as refreshingly new as the first volumes were, it's still good to see how the characters we're invested in are growing up.

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