Monday, October 21, 2013

Manga Monday: Learning to fight together

Armin's plan to retake Wall Rose isn't going exactly to plain in Attack on Titan Volume 3.

Note: Attack on Titan Volume 4 is, of course, part of an ongoing series. Check out the review for Volume 1 here, and Volume 3 here.  Otherwise, read on!

It looks like Eren isn't in as much control of his Titan form as he'd hoped. Thankfully, he's not eating his human comrades, but he seems hell-bent on causing damage. And between his and the attacks on him by the traditional Titans, most of the soldiers have given up hope.

Armin, though, would never give up on Eren. Having used his maneuver gear to land on the back of Eren-Titan's neck, he's yelling at Eren to get focused. Will it be enough?

We also get another look at our trainees at the beginning of boot camp. Here, we get to know more of the men and women that our main characters will be fighting alongside in this terribly uneven war. But first of all, Eren ins going to have to figure out his maneuver gear.

In a story where people die in the most abrupt and seemingly meaningless fashions, Isayama makes sure that we have a reason to care about each of our warriors. Even if we never find out much about a casualty, the looks of shock and grief on the survivors' faces is more than enough to make the loss hit home.

Highs: The idiosyncrasies of our secondary characters really get to shine in this volume.

Lows: I'm a fan of a more linear storytelling style, and while the flashbacks are important, they feel a lot like filler arcs of less well written manga.

Verdict: Despite my personal apathy for flashbacks, Attack on Titan Volume 4 lives up to the high standard of quality we've come to expect.

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