Monday, November 25, 2013

Manga Monday: Alexia is hardly one to take disgrace quietly

Alexia is certainly not one to let things go without a fight, and even goes so far as to fight the Templars of Italy in Soulless The Manga Volume 3: Blameless.

Note: Soulless The Manga Volume 3: Blamelessis part of an ongoing series, and follows the story of the third Parasol Protectorate novel, Blameless. The review for Soulless The Manga Volume 1: Soulless is here, and the review of the novel Blameless is here. Otherwise, read on!

As we discovered in Volume 2, Alexia Maccon has found herself in a...delicate condition. Of course, since her husband is of the postnecrosis variety, this causes quite a bit of consternation in the Maccon household. Conall, also of the speak-first-think-later disposition, throws a tantrum that leads Lady Maccon to quit the househodl and move back into her parents' home. The popular press is aflame with scandal, she's been dismissed from her post in the Shadow Council, and she's stuck with her insufferable sisters. Something has to be done.

That's what friends are for. While Lord Akeldama's household has mysteriously disappeared, Alexia as summoned some of her closest friends to help her discover exactly how she's found herself with this 'infant inconvenience' and what is to be done about it.Tunstell, Floote, Lyall and Lefoux answer their summons, and Alexia lays out her plans.

No one knows more about Preternaturals than the Templars of Italy. As a branch of the Church, they believe Supernaturals to be abominations who have turned their back on God and given up their eternal soul for their extended life in this world, and Preternaturals as soulless daemons. Not precisely the safest place for Alexia to travel, but probably the best people to clear her name.

Gail Carriger has already announced that this will be the last manga adaptation of the Parasol Protectorate series, rather than continuing through Heartless and Timeless. Whlie I understand the artist REM's reluctance to draw a more...significantly pregnant Alexia in manga form, as well as wishing to write her own stories for a change, I rather wanted to see a small Prudence dashing around. Nevertheless, Soulless The Manga Volume 3: Blameless ends on a sweet note, with a 'deleted scene' sure to please fans.

Highs: Madame Lefoux must really like Alexia, to leave her hat shop in the hands of Ivy.

Lows: Certain plot points are better explained in the novel, and without the scenes that were cut seem a bit out of place

Verdict: A wonderful companion to the book series, and a delight in its own right.

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