Monday, November 21, 2011

Manga Monday: I thought cats didn't like vacuum cleaners...

Chi gets into more trouble, with both her human family and her new animal companions, than ever before in Chi's Sweet Home Volume 6.

Chi's Sweet Home Volume 6 is, of course, the sequel to Chi's Sweet Home Volume 5.  The review of Chi's Sweet Home Volume 1 is here and the review of Chi's Sweet Home Volume 5 is here.  Otherwise, read on!

Now that the Yamadas live in their new apartment complex, Chi can spend much more time outside exploring with her animal friends. She gets to know her neighbors better, learn that things that might seem simple and common to one person might be something special to another.

We see a lot more of the cat park here, too. Chi finally meets another kitten, although this one might be even more trouble that Bear Cat was. He starts out with a pretty bad attitude towards poor Chi, but it looks like he's starting to warm up to her.

Even though Chi is spending more and more time outside, we can't forget about her human family. A growing kitten can get into just as much mischief inside as out, and Chi has to learn what items are off-limits.

And no matter how many friends Chi makes outside, she and Youhei will always be brother and sister Just like siblings everywhere, they have their disagreements on the proper way to play trains, and they crash each other's birthday parties. But they also share the simple joys of companionship, like sitting on the back stairs, sharing an ice cream.

It's a bit worrisome to see how much time Chi is spending outside by herself, especially at night, but all children have to grow up sometime. As both Chi and Youhei grow together, they'll realize how special it is that they have each other, no matter who else comes into their lives.

Highs: Who knew that birds could be so confusing?

Lows: It's not Chi's fault that she never learned to be a proper cat!

Verdict: Just as nice as the rest, with a serious cliffhanger ending

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