Monday, April 2, 2012

Manga Monday: Oh no, is Chi trapped?

Chi finds out if she has what it takes to be an outdoor cat, and also learns hwo special it is to have a home to return to in Chi's Sweet Home Volume 8.

Note: Chi's Sweet Home Volume 8 is, of course, the sequel to Chi's Sweet Home Volume 7. The review of Chi's Sweet Home Volume 1 is here, and the review of Chi's Sweet Home Volume 7 is here. Otherwise, read on!

Chi and Cocchi partner up even more in this volume, which is fitting as Chi begins to grow up a bit.  Cocchi has been a great influence on Chi, teaching her some of the things about being a cat that Youhei and his parents wouldn't be able to.  In turn, Chi is able to teach Cocchi a few thing about playing and being a kitten that perhaps Cocchi has forgotten.

And Chi's using some of those 'outdoor cat' skills at home as well.  When she arrives home to an empty kibble bowl, old-Chi might have just waited by her bowl.  Now, Chi goes looking around the house to find a snack of her own.  Will Chi be able to find something to hold herself over?

Before now, even with the rain, and the dogs, and the terrible sense of direction, Chi has always made it home somehow.  This time, though, Chi might not make it back to her dish of milk.  When Cocchi shows Chi his new hideout in an unlocked shed, they have all sorts of fun exploring and raising a ruckus.  But when the owner comes out to see what all the noise is about, Chi gets locked inside.  How will she ever get home again?

As Chi grows on her own, as well as a partof the family, we'll get to watch all the new situations she finds herself in.  With the mix of cuteness and wistfulness that Katana gives us, I look forward to many more volumes to come.

Highs:  I'm surprised it took this long for Chi to end up stuck in a tree...

Lows:  I still can't help but feel like Chi's owners aren't being particularly responsible letting Chi out so much by herself.

Verdict:  A bit more action than the last volume, but still a good variety and nice stories.

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