Monday, November 9, 2015

Manga Monday: A heartfelt farewell to a longtime friend

As the Yamada family prepares to move to France, the question of Chi's original family needs to be addressed in Chi's Sweet Home Volume 12.

Note: Chi's Sweet Home Volume 12 is the final volume of a series. Check out the review for Volume 1 here, or the review of Volume 11 here. Otherwise, read on!

Daddy Yamada has decided to take advantage of the offer to move to France for his job! It's going to be an exciting change for the entire family, including Chi. Documents must me filled out, veterinary appointments must be made, and the house packed up once again.

But as it turns out, Chi has more than just the Yamadas who love her. She's finally reconnected with her siblings and Mommy, and she has another human who misses her enough to put up signs for her. As much as the Yamadas love her, is it fair for them to take her away from her original home forever? And how in the world could they explain this all to Youhei?

For eleven years, Konami Kanata has given us a look into the life of Chi and both her human and animal families. As the story finally comes to an end, readers are left with both a sense of closure and a look into the futures of the characters we've come to care about.

Highs: Chi finally learns what makes a family important.

Lows: So very many heartbreaking moments in this volume.

Verdict: As sad as I am to see a friend like Chi go, I'm very happy that it got a proper ending.

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