Monday, November 23, 2015

Manga Monday: There's even competition in the school lunch game

Misunderstandings abound, and a few new characters are added to the mix as well in The Devil is a Part-Timer! High School! Volume 2.

Note: The Devil is a Part-Timer! High School! Volume 2 is part of an ongoing series. For the review of Volume 1 click here. Otherwise, read on!

Campaigning for Student Council President is hard work, especially with someone like Emi Yusa hovering and waiting for your next slip-up. Thankfully, he's impressed his boss at the school store with his ability to sell curry pudding, but even this praise has left him with the job of developing new food items for the store to sell.

And selling food at the school gets even harder when a kimono-wearing girl starts selling udon from the stall across the way.

But of course working two jobs while attending High School would be too easy for someone like Maou. The world has to send him yet another hurdle, this time in the form of a small girl who bursts forth from inside an apple. She's called Alas Ramus, and she's rather imprinted on Maou as her daddy and Emi as her mommy. With resources in the Devil King's household already stretched to breaking, Emi will have to swallow her pride and help Maou again.

The Devil is a Part-Timer! High School! is the same goofy chaos as the first volume, for good or ill. Characters are introduced at a rapid-fire pace, assuming that the reader is already familiar with them from the light novels and manga. It's a cute, popular twist on a story that's already familiar, and as long as the reader keeps that in mind, it's a fun diversion.

Highs: Poor Chi-chan is trying her best to keep Maou's attention.

Lows: This volume incorporates characters that have not been introduced to Western readers yet in the manga or light novels, which ended up being very confusing.

Verdict: A fun fluff piece.

Further Reading: The Devil is a Part-Timer! (Light Novel), The Devil is a Part-Timer! (manga), Rin-ne, Moribito

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