Monday, November 2, 2015

Manga Monday: A new neighbor appears

The Devil's Castle has yet another new inhabitant in The Devil is a Part Timer! (manga) Volume 3.

Note: The Devil is a Part-Timer! (manga) Volume 3 is part of an ongoing series. For Volume 1, click here, and for Volume 2 click here. Otherwise, read on!

Things have been a bit of a mixed bag at the Devil's Castle of late. On the one hand, Maou's supervisor at MgRonalds has noticed his dedication to work, and has promoted him to Shift Supervisor. It's still a part-time position, but he will be in charge of the staff when Kisaki-san is out. Responsibilities include taking attendance, doing the daily books, and crushing the new Sentucky Fried Chicken opening across the street.

Even as Maou is taking on more responsibilities at work, his home life is in an uproar as well. First, a new girl has moved in next door. Suzuno Kamazuki appears to be just as odd as the other residents of the apartment complex, wearing yukata and speaking extremely formally at all times. But when Ashiya falls ill with a summer cold, she steps up to help keep Maou's household running.

Emi and Chiho-chan haven't been sitting idly by either. Emi has received a package from Emeralda back in Ente Isla, containing what appears to be energy shots. Called Holy-Vitan β, it's a quick but temporary way for Emi to boost her magic levels. It's still experimental, though, and so should be limited to only two per day.

Chiho, unfortunately, has mostly been trying to figure out her feelings regarding Maou. It's hard to be a high school girl, and doubly so when you work with a crush. And then when said crush has a new girl making him's complicated.

The Devil is a Part Timer! (manga) Volume 3 is very much a transitional book, setting up new characters and situations for the next long story arc. There's less action and more character development, which isn't a bad thing.

Highs: That's...that's a lot of udon there.

Lows: If it's been a few months since the events of the last book, Maou and Chiho should probably have had this heart-to-heart quite a while ago.

Verdict: The Devil is a Part Timer! (manga) is still probably not as good an introduction to the series as the Light Novels, but seeing the characters is fun nonetheless.

Further Reading: The Devil is a Part Timer! (Light Novel), The Devil is a Part Timer! High School!, Moribito, Rin-ne

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